chicago born and raised, roy kinsey is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to tradition in his respective industries. where being a black, queer-identified, rapper, and librarian may be an intimidating choice for some, roy kinsey’s non-conformist ideology has informed his 4th album, and self proclaimed, “best work yet,” blackie: a story by roy kinsey.

featured in and on major local, national, and  international publications like Billboard, NPR, WBEZ’s Vocalo, the Chicago Tribune, WGCI and the RedEye, his “deft skill for storytelling,” is proving to have wings like the "flying africans" of old that he raps about on his latest project. kinsey’s latest video BSAYF, exploring black queer identity and spirituality, premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art (mca), the Art Institute of Chicago, the Harold Washington Cultural Center and the Dusable Museum. he has shared his lyrics on the stages of Lincoln Hall, Logan Square Auditorium, Wild Hare, The Shrine, and Soho House, and has recently done a series of performances/exhibitions with the Chicago Public Library’s seasonal book and theme programming of race and music, One Book, One Chicago.

his professional development in librarianship has fueled his desire for self examination and then reporting his findings, in rhyme. he intends and believes the success of his present and future creative works will touch the hearts of many because it comes from the heart.

roy kinsey is a librarian in the Teen Services/Youmedia department for Chicago Public Libraries.


blackie: a story by roy kinsey, is the 4th studio album by chicago born, queer-identified, rapper and librarian, roy kinsey. this new, highly anticipated release, is a message-oriented project, covering the effects of racism, the Great Migration, addiction, violence, mental illness and sexuality.

.blackie tracklist + credits

1. blackbird (+migration) (produced by mike jones)
2. mississippi mud (produced by mike jones)
3. citadel blues f. joshua torrez (produced by nick castle)
4. rbg (produced by phoelix)
5. jungle book (produced by mike jones + spoken thought)
6. great aggin [reprise] f. pete sayke + stik figa (produced by mike jones)
7. for colored boys (+ meditation) (produced by mike jones)
8. ring, ring (produced by phoelix)
9. function (+medication) (produced by ill brown + mike jones)
10. MRMR (produced by ill brown)
11. .blackie (produced by nick castle)

running time: 44 minutes

written by: roy kinsey
executive produced by: mike jones
mixed by: ill brown
brought to you by: fantastic sound/futurehood

release date: february 14, 2018