blackie: acknowledgements

blackie is not only an album, but a journey i took to acknowledge and understand my origin story. what making it has helped me realize is the importance of telling a story properly, and the importance in understanding our connection to others.

through time spent, and many conversations had, i got to build and know mike jones; a man who has become an influential piece in my creative life, but more importantly, a true friend. he produced more than half the records on the album, but was there day in and day out, trading stories and verses, sending me beats, and guiding the project that became “blackie” from its inception to its fruition. he linked me with rappers pete sayke, and stik figa, for the great aggin song, originally meant for pete’s, heaven can wait album. when they made a new version, he suggested we put the song on my album. important. mississippi mud, was the last song we recorded, but is an integral piece of the story. essential. if he did not make the beat himself, he introduced me to the work of new producers like ill brown and phoelix.

i’m blessed to have experienced such a collaborative effort, and a challenge that ended up growing me in a way that i needed if i was to step into the self i’d always seen for me. it was an honor to make something, so vital to who i am as a person, with a person who understands, and understood. the making of the blackie album, and making a friend while doing it, despite how anyone responds to the album, is truly the treasure of my life. it’s FNTSTC to have built a relationship that is motivating, affirming and hella productive. we really love making shit.  

it is because people like mike, erik wallace (who has only spoken life into anything pertaining to roy kinsey), anthony pabey (who was the first person to call me a chicago legend, and if i died tomorrow, i’ve heard myself referred to that manner. who always had bigger dreams for himself and our team, and is dedicated to us all having and living the highest visions for ourselves,) justin mitchell (who works more than he talks, but works with a love you can feel), along with family, friends, supporters, and listeners that we were able to make, and present this album. a very special thanks to nick castle, phoelix, ill brown, spoken thought, pete sayke, stik figa, and joshua torrez for helping me make my favorite thing.

dominik, amongst the stars that may flicker, you are the moon that light up my life. thank you for seeing me.

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